In FY 2020/2021, the Board undertakes to promptly address and resolve public complaints referred to UNES directly or channelled through the Commission on Administrative Justice(CAJ). The CAJ Guideline 10th Edition among other initiatives requires UNES to Develop Capacity on CAJ’s performance contracting requirements by June, 2021 through Training and Development.

UNES Corporate in liaison with the HR Office identified a training partner recognized by NITA for the CAJ Committee for capacity building to improve on Customer Experience Management and Complaint Handing & Access to Information as per the guideline. The Training is offered by HAM Training Consultant at UNES Executive Board Room, Kolobot Drive from March 17-19, 2021. UNES CAJ Committte is drawn from different SBUs and IGUs beginning from Consultancy, Bookstores, Hospitality, Dental Care, Eye Centre, Bindery, Radiology, CFP and UNES Corporate especially Finance, Procurement, UNES Front Office and Managing Directors Office,

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