Let’s Celebrate Together

To order Call us on +254204913945 or email: arziki@uonbi.ac.ke

 Flavor 1kg  2kg 
 Servings 7-15 people  12 -25 people 
            1.0CHOCOLATE CAKE Kshs. 1700  Kshs. 2800 
            2.0MARBLE CAKE Kshs. 1700  Kshs. 2800 
            3.0VANILA CAKE Kshs. 1300  Kshs. 2700 
            4.0LEMON CAKE Kshs. 1400  Kshs. 2800 
            5.0BLACKFOREST CAKE Kshs. 2000  Kshs. 3000 
            6.0CARROT CAKE Kshs. 2200  Kshs. 3000 
            7.0CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Kshs. 2700  Kshs. 3800 
            8.0FRUIT CAKE Kshs. 2500  Kshs. 4000 
            9.0COCONUT CAKE Kshs. 2700  Kshs. 3800 
          10.0WHITEFOREST CAKE Kshs. 2100  Kshs. 3200 
          11.0ZUCCHINI CAKE Kshs. 2300  Kshs. 3100 
          12.0ORANGE CAKE Kshs. 1800  Kshs. 2800 
          13.0STRAWBERRY CAKE Kshs. 1800  Kshs. 2800 
          14.0CHOCOLATE CAKE Kshs. 1700  Kshs. 2800 
          15.0FRUIT CAKE Kshs. 2500  Kshs. 3500 
         BUY GOODS: 849108  

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