Global Mental Health Action Network – South Africa, By Edwin Mburu.  

The recent visit to South Africa by Mr. Edwin Mburu – A Mental Health Champion & Staff at UNES Limited (Finance Section) got him acquainted with yet another high-level engagement meeting in the global podium, a story that was vastly aired on NTV and other Media Channels.

“I recently attended the Global Mental Health Action Network annual meeting in South Africa. I got an opportunity to talk about mental health stigma from a live experience perspective and ways in which we can fight stigma. There was a session on Workplace Mental Health. Importance of employers and employees understanding Workplace Mental Health and the 13 psychological factors that affect employees at the workplace. There was a great discussion on how the well-being of employees improves the overall bottom line of an organisation and there was a call to employers to prioritize workplace mental health. I will later on with the support of management take our staff through the 13 psychological factors that affect employees at workplace and how both the employer and employees can benefit from understanding this and support each other.
The conference was a global event that saw over 46 countries represented, 3000 organisations and funders working in mental health”. 

Story by Edwin Mburu, UNES

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