University of Nairobi Enterprises (UNES) was awarded a Cooperative Agreement by USAID in 2016 to implement HealthIT Project. HealthIT is a USAID mechanism whose purpose is to work with the Ministry of Health and Department of Children Services to Strengthen National Policies, Strategies, Standards and Reporting related to Kenya’s Health Information System (HIS) to support County and National Level Health Services. The project is tasked to: deliver strengthened national information systems that support reporting, provide data for decision-making for GoK and Stakeholders; and to deliver improved institutional capacity of national and county MOH on use of health systems, quality data capture and reporting.

UNES is seeking for full time staff and Short-Term consultants to support HealthIT Project as follows:

  1. HIV/AIDS Strategic Information and Data Use Advisor
  2. HIS Policy Advisor
  3. Cyber Security Assurance & Compliance Advisor
  4. Regional/County Digital Health Lead – Re-advertisement

HIV/AIDS Strategic Information and Data Use Advisor

Contract terms: This is a Short-Term Technical Assistance consultancy position

Remuneration: Daily rates subject to number of days allocated by month

Scope of Work

This is a Short-Term Technical Assistance consultancy position. The consultant serves as a technical advisor responsible for carrying out a full range of epidemiologic, surveillance and quality improvement activities while supporting both NASCOP and Counties in Strategic Information and data use functions within the division of National AIDS and STI Control Program. In addition, the incumbent will have the responsibility for providing technical support on KHIS – DATIM data alignment, HIV/AIDS data visualization, data analytics and data use. The goal is to work with NASCOP leadership on the journey to the ultimate goal of eliminating the HIV/AIDS epidemic through reaching the “90-90-90” targets. S/he will be attached to MOH NASCOP, work with the NASCOP SIRI team and will also be responsible for reporting demands at NASCOP to facilitate new interventions, quality improvement and strategic direction towards meeting these targets.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Identify and analyze public health issues relating to HIV.AIDS and their impact on public policies or scientific studies or surveys.
  2. Support the development and implementation of procedures, methods and strategies for analyzing and using HIV/AIDS data.     
  3. Participate in the syntheses of laboratory based, social science and epidemiologic data to be applied toward designing effective prevention programs and practice guidelines.
  4. Participate with scientists and program consultants both in various aspects of the study or survey design process, including: conduct a search or review of the existing literature and data in a scientific area, and prepares and/or presents summaries for a variety of purposes, monitors internal review TWG clearances, designs questionnaires and other data collection instruments.
  5. Plan and carry out quality control programs and select appropriate epidemiologic methods to be used in quality control analysis and program data analysis.
  6. Provide capacity building and technical support to county and sub-county teams in the use of data from various Health Information Systems including the EMR and other databases.
  7. Using available data, provide support and guidance in the development and implementation of quality improvement plans
  8. Provide support to data management including data collection, collation, analysis and reporting.     
  9. Ensure data integrity throughout the value chain while guaranteeing maximal MoH-PEPFAR data alignment.
  10. Support targeted data quality assessments for identified health facilities/sub-counties/counties and share findings for improvement.
  11. Conduct targeted county site visits to provide mentorship on all issues related to Data use, data analytics, data visualization and quality improvement.
  12. Network and work closely with the CASCOS, CHRIOS, SCHRIOs, SCASCOs, SCTLCs and other members of the CHMT and SCHMT.    
  13. Provide mentorship to ensure effective data use from both the EMRs and paper-based HIS from the point of data generation.
  14. Provide training, mentorship and supportive supervision on quality improvement
  15. Provide support in the use of the NASCOP HIV data warehouse data’s EID/VL database and other; generate Operations Research (OR) questions to address key issues, and exploit these data warehouses/databases.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Biostatistics, Public Health, Nursing or other related disciplines.
  2. The applicant should have Masters in Public Health or Epidemiology or Medical Statistics.     
  3. At least 4 years’ experience in HIV programmes at the National or County level, including experience in quality improvement and Monitoring and Evaluation of public health projects.
  4. Proven scientific publication experience will be an added advantage
  5. In-depth understanding of Kenya HIV and TB Epidemiology
  6. Ability to quickly turn-around program reports while ensuring utmost reporting compliance for both routine and ad hoc reports
  7. High computer proficiency

Desirable Skills

  1. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  2. Exceptional report writing skills
  3. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines with minimal supervision
  4. Good analytical and presentation skills


Location:  Various counties

Contract TermsFull time engagement

Contract duration: 2.5 Years subject to six months’ probation period

N/B: Those who applied in the initial advertisement need not re-apply.

Position Description

The Regional HIS Lead will work closely with the UoN, UNES, partnering universities, the MOH, the DCS at the MoLSP and partnering counties leadership and stakeholders to provide technical coordination of project activities at county level. This position will work together with technical specialists in all key technical areas of the HealthIT Project, including project management, systems development, data quality assurance, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity building. Under the supervision of the Sub-Purpose Lead – Digital Health and Data Systems and working closely with the Policy and Partnerships Lead, the Regional HIS Lead will work with a cluster of counties supported. S/he will be the primary contact in the respective counties for all HealthIT Project activities.  S/he will be responsible for managing and supporting all approaches implemented by the project in the county and for documenting key project activities.  S/he will also ensure county activities are implemented on-time and within budget. The positions are based at the counties

The duties and Responsibilities include:

  • Provide integrated Digital Health support to the cluster of counties to ensure relevant capacities are built, digital health activities are included in the County Annual Work Plans and to nurture the CHMTs on Journey to Self-Reliance initiatives.
  • Support the county level digital health, HIS Technical Working Groups (TWG), Department of Children Services or similar county level structure to coordinate the planning, organizing, implementing and deployment of digital health solutions that are supported and approved by Ministry of Health (MOH) and adopted by the County Governments and USG Service Delivery partners and stakeholders.
  • Support Implementation of the EHR/EMR at county level. This includes:
    •  Structured Info-structure surveys to determine both software and ICT infrastructure needs of each health facility
    • Support the county to clearly document findings, objectively identify gaps and propose implementation steps in line with the MOH and County Department of Health implementation roadmap
    • Oversee standards-based installation, testing, certification of both hardware {active and passive} and software such as EMR/EHR modules, services, functionalities; optimized supporting environment: utilities, patches, upgrades and fixes, maintain system uptime records}
    • Maintain and track all implementation documentation such as warranty, insurance, underpinning contracts, service level agreements, installation commissioning and hand over reports
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Work with the CHMT, County Proximate University, and Strategic Information implementing mechanism, the service delivery partners and private sector to ensure sustainable evolution Digital Health solutions at the county level.
  • Capacity building and Knowledge sharing: Provide structured capacity building support in areas such as hardware, network, software, data governance, and information security, privacy and use.
    • Mentorship to both county staff and health informatics interns
    • Establish peer-to-peer social learning between facilities
  • Provide technical support to the county, sub-county and facility on the MOH Integrated Service Desk as tier 1 support. Create technical support processes and structures.
  • Lead the development and implementation of HealthIT Project HIS strategies and initiatives in the respective counties
  • Collaborate with technical teams and County Departments of Health and Department of Children Services to implement Digital solutions developed by the Project.
  • Work with respective counties, Departments and Agencies to manage the evolution of digital initiatives
  • Identify and coordinate shared learning in digital solutions and evidence-informed planning among counties and between the county and national levels.
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Specifications:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, informatics, information technology or relevant qualification
  • Three (3) years post qualification experience in Health Informatics for Master’s Degree holders or Six (6) years post qualification for Bachelor’s Degree holders
  • Demonstrable experience in DHIS2 and OpenMRS implementation highly desired
  • Working knowledge of Linux, Windows and MacOsX, Android, Chrome, IOS Operating Systems is required
  • Experience in Digital Health systems development, deployment, technical support and coordination at county, regional or national level
  • Demonstrated ability to engage and work with stakeholders at all system levels
  • Ability to plan and execute planned activates efficiently within strict timelines.
  • Fluency in English is required, language skills in Kiswahili, and other languages of Kenya are highly preferred.
  • Experience in coordination and a commitment to networking with other stakeholders and advocating for digital solutions.
  • Experience working with a USG funded project in public health and information systems strengthening is desirable
  • Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through training, mentoring, and other formal and non-formal methods
  • Demonstrated leadership, ethics, and sound judgement, both independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent writing, computer, management and organizational skills coupled with strong communication skills for high-level audiences
  • Computer literacy.
  • Ability and willingness to travel frequently within Kenya and work under field conditions.

Health Policy Advisor

Contract terms: This is a Short-Term Technical Assistance consultancy position

Remuneration: Daily rates subject to number of days allocated by month

The Duties and Responsibilities

The role of the Health Policy Advisor will be:

  1. Policy synthesis, review and alignment to GOK and global digital health environment.
  2. Policy dissemination, training and HealthIT strategy formulation and alignment with the bigger GOK policy orientation
  3. Partnerships and Stakeholder engagement and alignment with:
    1.  National GOK (Ministries of Health, Labor and Social Protection, ICT Youth and Innovation, other public institutions), and the private sector
    1. County Stakeholder Engagement at the Council of Governors, county leadership and county Government stakeholders

Tasks and Responsibilities

The key tasks for this position include:

  1. Support GoK in formulation of policy on digital health where relevant, necessary and appropriate and provide technical advice to HealthIT project
  2. Review, develop and ensure alignment of HealthIT priorities, strategies and plans to the County’s legal, regulatory, policy, and strategic directions, USAID digital strategy as well as any global development in digital transformation to inform HealthIT Strategic Implementation Framework.
  3. Develop and maintain an updated and synthesized repository of all digital health related legal, regulatory and policy documents including any changes or amendments.
  4. Keeping abreast of all policy developments in the health sector sector and related fields, particularly relating to Digital Health and keeping the HealthIT team and partners informed and up to date about said developments.
  5. Providing contextualized analysis of the policy environment for Digital Health, through research and scoping of existing initiatives, gaps in the sector other key stakeholders such as Ministry of ICT, Communications Authority of Kenya, etc.
  6. To lead on shaping and developing a clear HealthIT digital policy orientation building on what has been started. In particular this will involve:
    1. Developing and sustaining HealthIT social capital by networking and maintaining key relationships with Key GoK Ministries (MOH, MOICT, MoLSP), Departments, Agencies (MDAs) and key stakeholders in the sector
    1. ·      Proactive development of collaboration opportunities, joint research on digital health policy with Government, Universities, and other initiatives
  7.  Representing HealthIT in GoK Working and Advisory Committees, Technical Working Groups and intergovernmental forums.
  8. Develop and maintain effective and efficient procedures and processes for UNES and HealthIT partnerships with its partnering institutions.
  9. Oversee, facilitate and coordinate all aspects of partnership life cycle management, from stakeholder analysis, partner identification, due diligence, project development, agreement, start-up, implementation, monitoring through to close-out, coordinating effectively with all program, operations and finance components.
  10. Coordinate due diligence process with respect to all new partnerships, including through appropriate vetting, coordinating the pre-award assessment with other departments, analysis of risks associated with the award, identification and implementation of appropriate measures to manage those risks, working with other UNES and the project team.
  11. In collaboration with UNES and the project leadership develop Project Support Plans (PSPs) for each partner/project.
  12.  Ensure the timely review of partners’ financial and narrative reports in accordance with the terms of their partnership agreements in consultation with other project technical and leadership teams
  13. Contributing to project planning and management. Reporting to Project leadership, contributing to Project team, and providing financial and narrative reports

   Minimum Qualifications and Skills Required

  1. A Master’s degree in Policy and Public Administration or equivalent qualification
  2. At least 10 years’ experience in policy formulation and implementation
  3. Experience in health information systems is desirable
  4. Experience working in or with the Ministry of Health or public sector is preferable
  5. Passionate commitment to Digital Health and social change.
  6. Strong understanding of issues affecting Digital Health in Kenya
  7. Demonstrable knowledge and experience of policy, partnerships and operations research
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate and represent the HealthIT Project externally empathetically and clearly
  9. Strong writing skills including ability to summarize information into policy briefings or proposals
  10. Resourceful with an ability to think creatively, see opportunities and take initiative
  11. Flexible approach to work including excellent time management and self-motivation
  12. Excellent team working skills and the ability to act independently when necessary.
  13. Willingness to travel regularly around the country as and when necessary

Cyber Security Assurance & Compliance Advisor

Contract terms: This is a Short-Term Technical Assistance consultancy position

Remuneration: Daily rates subject to number of days allocated by month

The Cyber Security Assurance & Compliance Advisor will conduct cyber threat and risk analysis of the Digital Health Systems along and across the health data lifecycle. The consultant will perform security research, testing, evaluation and reporting on existing software assets, technology stack, human elements and develop procedures for continuous identification, detection, protection, recovery and reporting of security risks, threats, and breaches while proposing improvement on existing compliance requirements

Roles and Responsibilities

The person will:

  1. Work with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in the evaluation of the digital health cyber security
  2. Review compliance of and alignment of software, hardware and data systems to the country’s laws, regulations, policies, standards and standard operating procedures, and where there is a gap, apply internationally recognized standards and/or regulations.
  3. Evaluate digital health interventions by collecting and analyzing data necessary in eliminating risk, performance and capacity issues. The consultant is free to develop his/her own tools for the security architecture review in accordance with the Kenya Health Enterprise Architecture
  4. Define and recommend security requirements for computer systems such as, enterprise data networks, servers, desktops, and personal computers including handheld and wearable devices.
  5. Review and document the built-in security systems such as software, hardware, and components with a view to recommending strategies for software systems and application, data networks, data centers, stand-alone and interconnected systems
  6. Design and document secure procedures that optimize security in new digital health technology services. The consultant will help in optimization of current security test and cybersecurity engineering processes and policies.

Key Deliverables

  1. Cyber security landscape analysis and inception report
  2. Stakeholder mapping engagement plan
  3. Cybersecurity Evaluation Report complete with recommendations and security requirements based on local and or international standards
  4. Procedures and principles for routine cybersecurity audits to monitor, identify and react to security risks and threats

Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge Required

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with further training or certification in cyber security
  2. Three years post qualification, demonstrable hands-on experience in enterprise cybersecurity
  3. Demonstrable ability to transfer knowledge to diverse audiences through training, mentoring, and other formal and non-formal methods
  4. Demonstrated leadership, ethics, and sound judgement, both independently and as part of a team.
  5. Ability to deliver projects within short timeframes
  6. Excellent communication, technical writing, management and organizational skills coupled with strong communication skills for high-level audiences
  7. Strong interpersonal skills working in a multi-disciplinary and diverse group

Applicants interested in the above positions should submit the following:

  • Cover letter detailing why you want to be considered for the position, as well as current and expected gross salary.
  • Detailed CV including at minimum:
    • Biographical data including: Full names, current mailing address, current telephone contacts, email address
    • Employment history to date.  Ensure that specific start and end dates are included.
    • Educational history to date, clearly detailing the program, certificate obtained, and completion date.
    • Names of 3 referees with their contacts.
  • Copies of ALL academic and professional certificates and testimonials.
  • Indicate the Job Reference Number and Title in your email

All applications to reach the undersigned on or before April 5th  2021 strictly via the following email unes-hr@uonbi.ac.ke. Hard Copies will not be accepted.

Managing Director
P.O.BOX 68241-00200NAIROBI

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