UNES Consultancy Services

UNES Consultancy unit was formed with the objective of conducting consultancy business and coordination of contracted inter-disciplinary consultancies within the University for Income Generation.

It provides consultancy services to different organizations in the Private and Public Sectors, Non-Governmental Organizations and Donor Agencies. It does this by engaging the large pool of qualified and experienced resource persons from the University of Nairobi as consultants and other institutions including private sector as associate consultants.

UNES also partners with other Consultancy firms locally and internationally by jointly bidding for the assignments as a consortium. The consultancy unit has undertaken a number of Consultancy projects and mounted several Short Course/Trainings in various thematic areas. The value of the current projects undertaken by UNES is estimated at to be over Four Million US Dollars.

The Consultancy unit manages projects and assignments in some of the following thematic areas:

Architectural Services: These services include Architectural Designs, Quantity Surveying, and Developing Master Plans.
Business/ Management Solutions: The services offered include Supply Chain Management, Business Development Management, Strategic Plans Development, Entrepreneurship, Research and Training, Financial Management and Accounting
Education: The services offered include development and evaluation of curriculum and modules, training, capacity building and distance learning.
Agribusiness and Veterinary Services: These services include Food Security, Plant Science and Animal Health.
Engineering Services: These services are in the areas under Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering including Traffic Engineering and Planning, Highway Safety Investigation, Structural Engineering.
Environmental Services: These services will include Environmental Impact Assessment, Wildlife Conservation, Natural Resource Conservation/Management, Water Resource Management, Waste Management, Soil and Air Quality Sampling and Analysis.
Communication and Media Services: These services include Visual Media, Broadcast Media, Print Media, Filming and Editorial Services. Services in Translation and Interpretation are also provided.
Information and Computer Technology Services: The services include Basic to Advanced Computer Training and Material preparation, Software Development, ICT Infrastructure Management, Internet Presence Services Creation of Digital Programs, Websites and Blogs.
Health Management Services: These services include Design of Health Care Systems, Policy Development, Clinical Medicine and Trials, Training and Research in Medicine.

UNES is involved in managing consultancy projects/assignments by providing all administrative and logistical support and through prudent Financial Management including: accounting of project funds, budgetary controls, disbursement of funds, preparation of financial reports, and filing of statutory returns. In addition, UNES consultancy also does procurement of goods and services as required by projects and also offers objective advise on administrative, legal and financial matters.

UNES prepares the following Financial Statements: Annual budget, Variance Reports, Statements of Comprehensive Income and Statements of Cash flows. Statements of Cash flows are prepared on a monthly basis, Statements of Comprehensive Income are prepared on a monthly and quarterly basis and an annual statement of Cash flows and Statement of Comprehensive Income is also prepared. Financial statements are reviewed by the Senior Accountant (Income and Management Reports) and discussed by management. Internal Audit does pre-audits before any payment is made and conducts quarterly audits of all projects. Annually, all financial records are audited by independent Auditors as per the Provisions of Companies Act Cap 486 of laws of Kenya.

The Company has provided various multi-disciplinary consultancy services to a number of organizations both in the Private and Public Sectors.

The groups are supported by a number of consulting laboratories. These include:

Medical Consulting Labs

  • UON Immunology Laboratory
  • UON Diagnostic Imaging Services
  • UON Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
  • UON Heamatology Laboratory

Other Consulting Labs

  • Nuclear Science Institute
  • Water Quality Center

UNES is registered as a data processor and data controller by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC). We collect personal data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses when customers create an account or place an order on our websites.

We use personal data to fulfill orders, process payments, and communicate with customers about their orders. We take measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access or misuse, as stipulated in our privacy policy.

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