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UNES is the Commercial arm of the University charged with responsibility of inculcating entrepreneurial and best business practices to the overall University. The Company provides Institutional and Research consultancy, Professional Trainings and Product Innovations in several thematic areas. Further, UNES provides Bookstores, Hospitality and Financial Management commercial activities to the University community and the public at large

Our Core Services

Financial Management Services

UNES provides Financial Management Services to the University’s Income Generating Units which include Immunology, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Diagnostic Radiology, Dental Plaza, Chiromo Funeral Parlor, Clinical Studies and Veterinary Farm. We also offer payroll services to external clients.


UNES Bookstores offers various products including textbooks, stationery, laptops and computers, branded items, money transfer services and mobile phones to Universities, Colleges, Schools, staff and members of the public in the East African region.

Consultancy & Partnerships

UNES taps the vast human and infrastructural resources of the University of Nairobi to provide Institutional and Research consultancy, Professional Trainings and Product Innovations in several thematic areas that include Architectural, Agricultural & Veterinary, Business Development, Education, Engineering, ICT, Public Health, Water Resource Management and Waste Management.


These services are offered under the brand name Arziki Restaurants, which provide food and beverage services, outside catering and conferencing facilities to the University community and the general public.




“Solutions-oriented business enterprise committed to sustainable impact to the University”


UNES Commits to;
“Inculcate entrepreneurial and best business culture through provision of Quality Consultancy Services, Hospitality Services, Learning Resources, and Partnerships & Management Services in Agribusiness, Property Management and Other Commercial Initiatives”

Quality Policy

  • UNES is committed to offer quality products and services in Consultancy, Bookstores, Hospitality and Financial Management that meet its customers’ requirements and endeavour to exceed their expectations.
    The Management is committed to provide resources to comply with the requirements and continually improve the Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 Standard.
  • Management shall develop Quality Objectives derived from the Corporate Strategic Plan and the Service Charter. Management shall annually review these objectives for continuing suitability to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • The management shall ensure that the Quality Policy is communicated and understood during Staff Induction and Training. All UNES personnel are required to understand the Goals of the Company and apply the Quality Management System Documentation during products and service delivery.
    The Management shall continually monitor and annually review the Performance of the Quality Management System to ensure its Suitability, Adequacy and Effectiveness

Core Values

UNES is part and parcel of the University of Nairobi and it is therefore critical that the core values of the University at all times inform those of UNES. As such, the business of UNES is governed by the following core values.

  •  Professionalism and Quality Service – In all its actions and interactions, UNES shall maintain ethical behaviour, professional etiquette, care and honesty. UNES shall provide predictable quality services for all round customer satisfaction. The standards enshrined in the Service Charter shall guide the philosophy of the UNES Quality Management System.
  • Good Corporate Governance and Citizenship–UNES shall ensure that all the decisions and actions are morally sound, that the company is accountable for its decisions and actions that the decision-making processes are participatory and consultative, and that decisions and actions reflect meritocracy and are open and transparent. UNES embraces corporate social responsibility that strives to take care of the environment, neighbouring community and other stakeholders. UNES will strive to respect and protect the environment and is committed to abide by the rule of law in all action
  • Innovativeness and Creativity–Innovativeness and creativity shall be the hallmarks of our activities as we initiate and adapt to change.
  • Team Spirit and Teamwork – The tenets of teamwork and team spirit shall be the guiding principles in all UNES operations. UNES shall foster an environment characterized by teamwork.
  • National Cohesion and Inclusiveness – UNES shall ensure that all decisions and actions embrace human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, non-discrimination, and protection of the marginalized. In all its activities, UNES shall embrace gender and ethnic balancing




Year UNES was Established.


ISO 9001 : 2015 Certification 


2014 – 2018 Strategic Plan 


Companies Act, Laws of Kenya

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UNES Bookstore – Nairobi
Main Campus, University of Nairobi
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UNES  Consultancy
State House Road
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Website: www.unes.co.ke


A profitable company providing sustainable impact to the University